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what is Hot Swap Bay

its...a device that lets you plug in and out a HDD without shutting down your pc

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IDE drives are not hot-swappable if they are either internal or in a removable bay. If you use a removable hard drive bay you must power down the computer before your insert or remove an IDE drive.

External IDE hard drives connect through a USB interface are a different story. They were meant to be disconnected from the system because USB itself is hot swapable.

SCSI drives are hot-swap if you use them in a hot-swap bay. This is done with servers all the time. It is not uncommon for servers to have hot-swap SCSI hard drives, power supplies, and PCI slots.

Serial ATA hard drives were designed to be hot swapable. Unfortunately many of them are not set up to work that way. To be hot swapable you must use both a Serial ATA data cable and a Serial ATA power cable for this to work. Even then I would not recommend this unless your motherboard specifically supported this.

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